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Léo Trudel, who established Bijouterie Trudel in Buckingham, was born in Ottawa in 1925. As did millions of Canadians at the time, he serves his country during World War II, as a workman with the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

After the war, he follows a cousin's example and learns watchmaking in Hamilton. Coming back home, he easily finds a job in his field with Jack Snow, a well-known Ottawa jewellery store. After many years with them, he decides to make his dream come true and open his own jewellery. 

He finds the right place to open his business in Buckingham, in 1953. It's the former place of a butcher shop on Principale street. Having little money to carry out his project, Léo travels every evening from Ottawa to Buckingham to set up his store. The premises also double as his residence. With only $700 available to start up his business, he spends $400 to buy the tools of his trade, and $300 of merchandise to sell. At the time, the inventory consisted mostly of cuff links, radios, alarm clocks and pocket watches, a far cry from the gold chains, bracelets and earrings now carried in the store.

Having few pieces to display in the front window, Léo sets up his workshop there, and repairs watches under the eyes of passers-by. Most people stop to watch him work, and he is soon well-known. Actually, his custom grows fast enough that he decides to buy a lot in 1958 where he builds the present jewellery. It's in 1961 that Bijouterie Trudel moves to much larger premises at 396 Buckingham Avenue. 

Léo Trudel is eager to keep up with his customers' demands and shifts his inventory over the years. As a result, he starts selling gold jewellery in 1970. In that same period, more precisely in 1974, his then 16-year-old son, André Trudel, gets interested in watch and jewellery making. He learns by watching his father work and shows the same passion for the craft. Soon enough, André reveals his own vision of the business, particularly in the sale and repair of gold jewellery.

Recently, the third generation has joined the family business: Joanathan Trudel, André's son, follows in the steps of his father and grandfather. André and Jonathan Trudel proudly continue the work began by their now-deceased predecessor. They operate a local business specializing in the sale and repair of jewellery, and in the sale of gifts of all kinds, with dedication and professionalism.

Bijouterie Trudel is a Buckingham business that lives up to its reputation!

Opening hours
Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 5:30pm  
Friday 10am - 8pm  
Saturday 9am - 3pm    

Open everyday before Christmas, close on Dec 25-26 and Jan 1-2.

Bijouterie Trudel is located at 396 Buckingham Avenue, Gatineau (Québec) J8L 2G7. For more information, call us at 819 986-5121